Day #5: The aftermath…

Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 16.46.48

When is it too much? I mean, obviously my son has too many Fireman Sam toys! BUT… when is my training too much? I struggle with the overtraining line. Yesterday I went for a bike ride in the morning (33 miles – 1788 ft climbing – 2hrs 8mins – AHR 66%) and then in the evening I went to our clubs track session and did 10x800m @ 10k pace with 90 sec rest in between. Today I am very tired. Should I be? The thing is, when I’m tired my mood changes and I have to fight quite hard to not be cranky. This is a classic overtraining sign BUT with the volume of training I am doing I shouldn’t be like that!! A few years ago, when I first got like this, I had lots of tests etc and the wonders of modern science failed to find anything wrong. It’s just me – which I don’t disagree with. I find it quite frustrating to have such a low training volume / effort threshold. The times I need to run require a bit of effort don’t you know. What happens if I don’t train is that when I compete I work far too hard for the amount of training that I have done – the cycle continues!

So, positives?? I have a Yasso 800 time of 3.15 which should theoretically convert to a marathon. That would be nice. I know that I need to have a couple of very easy days after a hard session. Is that a positive? I have learned not to listen too closely to my body as it makes me feel worse! So, chill out! REST and know that I will not be on top form for a couple of days after a hard session. It’s how I’m made – live with it!!

If you are interested… Can you spot where the wheels fall off? 3.18, 3.08, 3.11, 3.13, 3.11, 3.08, 3.16, 3.30, 3.26, 3.08!


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