Day #4: Wet through


It’s raining. It’s long(ish) ride day. The trouble with my off season is that I train and work for around 6 months and then have 6 months “off”. In that time I have to stay reasonably fit so that I don’t have to start from the beginning again – more importantly – I have to give the family lots of quality time so that, well frankly, I am part of it. With that in mind it’s never the easiest thing to get out the door. Especially when it rains. I’m quite lucky really. Being a teacher I get guaranteed holidays – and my wife is a teacher – so for a lot of weeks we can relax and enjoy our son and visit family. Today, my wife has gone into school and taken my son to nursery for the day. I have a free day. They don’t come around very often.

The ride today was part of my building programme. at 66% AHR not too much effort but with 1788ft of climbing it wasn’t ‘easy’. Riding along it’s easy to get into the must do better triathlete frame of mind. I try 😉 to resist it though as it’s just exercise and I could be stuck behind a desk. So, today I thought… I’m lucky to be out on my bike. There are plenty of people who can’t be. I have ridden, got wet, got dry and am sat on the settee with an expresso and some lemon drizzle cake. Possibly not the best name to have after a wet ride but home made and delicious. I am a lucky man. Happy days – oh and a track session tonight!


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