Day #3: Catch up

celeb_scaleSo I’ve been on holiday for 3 weeks and it is 2 and a bit months since my last competition (1/2 Ironman distance Tri – The Outlaw Half). I’ve felt pretty dodgy since then and work has been full on, not really giving me a chance to recover properly. I did have 3 weeks off training after the Tri but still felt horrid!

Got on the scales this morning – argh! 89kg. I was 84 in June. In the off season weight goes up and mine has to a little as I can’t keep training hard all year. So, my immediate thought… FAT. Pretty negative. Regroup… NEED TO START A LITTLE TRAINING AND STOP EATING CAKE AND DRINKING SO MUCH BEER!

Aside from some tightish cycling kit things aren’t too bad. I’m going to start building on training now with low AHR and strength work, watch the calories and enjoy myself.

I have to start being a little less intense. Yes, there are goals BUT no sticking on a few extra g isn’t a huge issue at this time of my training (except I’m on holiday next week in my boardies!!).


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